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New class soon at framsden … watch this space …

Hemingstone Hut, Monday 6.30 to 7.30pm

Bredfield Village Hall, Tuesday 9.15 to 10.45am

Ufford Park Hotel & Leisure Club, Tuesday 11.30 to 12.30pm

Hacheston Village Hall, Wednesday 9.30 to 11am

Debenham Leisure Centre, Wednesday 1.30 to 3pm

Earl Soham Primary School Hall, Wednesday 7 to 8.15pm

Framlingham, Unitarian Meeting House (next door to the library), Thursday 9.30 to 11 am

MATSPACE Barefoot Studio, Framlingham - Meditation & Relaxation, Friday 7 to 8.15pm


What to expect in my classes

Alongside and within the physical posture practice of yoga (asana), I encourage you to learn gentle breath and meditation practices. In classical yoga, the purpose of the physical practices is to prepare the mind and the body to be still and in meditation. 

I am inspired by BKS Iyengar and many contemporary interpretations of his work.  This yoga lineage focuses on alignment during asana practice, to support the joints of the body and to encourage a movement towards balance in the body and the mind.   Working with the breath, we are able to find strength and stillness within posture practice. Developing this relationship between the mind, the body and the breath can create a greater sense of ease in every day life, both physically and emotionally.

Every pose has variations so that each student can work within their capacity; this ensures that we look after ourselves and can progress in yoga.   Where appropriate I will offer individual advice and adjustment.

  We usually end the class laying down and I will lead you through a peaceful body scan relaxation or yoga nidra practice.  

There is always time after each class to discuss anything with me or to ask questions or advice.   All conversations are confidential.

If you have any particular individual requirement then one-to-one lessons can be arranged.