MY name is eleanor pendle-lowe; most people call me ellie.

I live in Framlingham and have two children, aged 24 and 16 years.

I have studied Buddhism, and practiced Buddhist meditation, for almost twenty years.  From this I draw a special interest in the direct experience of the mind and its relation to the breath and the body. 

I have practiced yoga for about ten years and am a student teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma 500 hour/level 4 training.  I have been studying for more than two years and now, with a final year of training ongoing, have been assessed as competent to teach yoga.  I am insured by the British Wheel of Yoga to teach yoga.

 Serious physical injury led me to yoga as a therapeutic method, incorporating meditation and breath practice.   I have been fortunate over the years to train with many engaging and inspirational teachers of both meditation and yoga.  This holistic response to trauma, and its potential for transformation, inspired me to train with the British Wheel of Yoga. 

The teaching that I offer is rooted in my own ongoing, daily practice and incorporates movement, the breath, stillness and meditation. 

Once yoga becomes familiar it is possible to take the practice with you anywhere.  All you need is your mind, your body and your breath. 

I aspire to teach with an emphasis on accessibility, clarity and simplicity.  

I hope yoga can enable students in their every day lives.